• Accidents

  • Many of the patients in our practice have been involved in automobile accidents, accidents at work or have experienced other types of trauma.  A whiplash injury can sometimes result from a traumatic event. In turn, this injury may affect the intregrity of the TM joint (TMJ). Many times minimal mouth opening, a locked jaw and a displaced TM disc will result.

    We deal with many patients who have suffered injuries at work. So, consequently this puts us in a position to work with the Workman’s Compensation system. We work diligently on your behalf to get you well and back to work as soon as you are able.
    We work with attorneys doing depositions on injury cases. We also work with employers, employees, insurance companies and provide expert testimony for our patients in regard to TMJ injuries.

    We realize that every case is unique. We work hard to do the best for each individual patient. We want to give each patient the best we can give. We work extremely hard to minimize the issues one can have when involved in an accident.

    Our goal:

    Designing a better quality of life for you.