• Advanced Treatment Technology

  • Pharyngometer/Rhinometer

    In our sleep apnea and snoring evaluations we use the pharyngometer and rhinometer to evaluate airway volume. These operate by way of acoustic reflection which accurately maps out the size of our nasal and oral airway. Both of these diagnostic tools are non-invasive and very important when it comes to locating obstructions and narrowing in your airway. These enable us to better design our appliance for you.

    Galileos CT Scanner

    This Cone Beam CT x-ray is the state of the art when it comes to assessing upper airway and TMJ issues. This machine helps us view sinuses, nasal septum, nasal airway, oral airway, TMJ position, cervical spine position and to assess the anatomical relationships in the head and neck area. With all of the valuable information that we gather from this unit, it also allows us to make a more appropriate and timely diagnosis so that you can receive the proper care.


    We have answers to your questions. Our K-7 can help us help you. The K-7 allows us to record jaw joint sounds, movements and muscle activity. It is a very important diagnostic tool. It helps us differentiate between muscle based pain issues and pain issues that are centered inside the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

    The K-7 allows us to address the neuromuscular component of a patient's pain. With our custom made neuromuscular orthotics, we are able to provide the best care and treatment available. Our patients get better faster and are more stable with their results because of the neuromuscular dentistry we provide.


    Low Level Laser Therapy

    As part of our treatment is nearly used on all patients with head and/or neck pain. The laser is wonderful in promoting healing deeper into the tissue. It is quick, non-invasive and pain free. The low level laser does such a good job at fighting inflammation, that we use it on most of our TMD patients.


    Other Therapy Modalities

    In our practice we also use an alpha stimulation, an ETPS unit, iontophoresis, ultrasound, trigger point injections, hot/cold therapy, TENS unit therapy and spray and stretch therapy. All of these modalities help us to manage the patient's pain and TMJ headache issues along with orthotic devices to help establish a healthy bite relationship. We are absolutely committed to...


    Designing a better quality of life for you