• Snoring

  • We all know someone who snores. Sometimes it may be funny and at other times annoying. Our society has accepted snoring as normal. Grandpa snored, dad snored and now so do I. Did you know that snoring is a common sign and indicator of sleep apnea? There is a reason for the noise. The reason is the upper airway is constricted. The air we are breathing is going through a smaller opening. The air rushes through, gets to the back of the soft palate and when combined with the narrowing airway, causes vibration of the tissues which results in the snoring noise.

    What happens with one significant night of snoring after another is the soft tissues become inflamed and swell. The more snoring that occurs eventually can lead to obstructive sleep apnea.

    We treat many patients who snore. Oral appliance therapy for those is extremely effective. Between 70-80% of the time the snoring is eliminated or reduced significantly with oral appliance wear.

    We offer a wide range of oral appliances that are FDA approved for the treatment of snoring. We work hard to select and design the most beneficial appliance for you.

    We use the following F.D.A. approved sleep appliances to treat Sleep Apnea/Snoring

    Herbst Sleep Appliance
    Moses Sleep Appliance
    Respire Sleep Appliance
    SUAD Sleep Appliance
    Somnomed Sleep Appliance


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