• Testimonials

  • Many of our patients experience great relief with their TMJ or sleep apnea symptoms. We'd like to have them share their experience with you. Here is what just a few had to say.

    When I first came to Dr. Pribyl’s office, I had been eating out of a food processor for about four months. I could barely open my mouth and my bite no longer aligned for me to be able to chew. I couldn’t seem to find any help (besides one surgeon who said I needed two surgeries to correct the problem). After seeing about six other specialists, and a lot of prayer, it felt right to continue with treatment through Dr. Pribyl and his wonderful staff. It felt so good to finally find help and find a place that I felt was right for me. They are all so loving, kind, gentle, and truly care about me. I started with physical therapy and two oral appliances. After about four months of time, I was able to chew again and I could start to open my mouth wider. After nine months or so, I was opening my mouth at a healthy range, which some doctors had told me I would never be able to do again. I cannot say how thankful I am to Dr. Pribyl and all of his wonderful staff. They have been such a blessing to me and I can’t imagine what might have happened without them!


    I had originally gone to another well-known orthodontist for my TMJ and teeth alignment. The complexity of my problem was beyond his abilities so he referred me to Dr. Pribyl. Dr. Pribyl diagnosed my problem and quickly devised a common sense solution of appliances and braces. He started treatment with an appliance that repositioned my jaw and stopped the TMJ pain and clicking sounds immediately. Since then, I have made many visits to his office for adjustments and follow-ups and it's something I look forward to each time. He and his staff are professionals and it definitely shows in their work. They have earned my trust (which isn’t easy).


    Hi! My name is Connie. I have had headaches, earaches, jaw pain and burning in my face severely. I went to see an ear, nose and throat specialist, chiropractors and my family doctor. My face and jaw hurt so bad I got to the point where I couldn't sleep because the pain was so intense. I missed a lot of work and no one at all could tell me what was wrong. I felt crazy. So on September 4th, 2012 on a Sunday afternoon I went to my computer and said God I cannot do this anymore I'm hurting and no one can tell me what is wrong. When I turned on my computer I looked under “TMJ” and thought maybe that’s what was wrong. Dr. Larry Pribyl’s name came up. I called his office on September 5th, 2012 and got into his office that very day. I was nervous and thought I hope I can get some answers on what was wrong with me. Dr Pribyl did a CT scan and found out my problem and it felt great because I wasn't crazy. The pain I felt was real. Dr Pribyl and his staff gave me my life back.

    What I really like is that you feel like family in Dr. Pribyl’s office and not just a patient. It’s a good feeling when you walk into this office and everyone cares about how you are doing I will always be grateful that I went to this wonderful doctor’s office. It has changed my life. Thank you all for the wonderful care.


    I am a 55 year old female who most of my life have been a challenging patient for my doctors by having quirky ailments that make me difficult to treat. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea more than 20 years ago. I wasn't able to use my CPAP very well so I had surgery to remove the soft palate tissue (an extremely painful procedure). My condition was left without further investigation or treatment until my health prompted it again. I was referred to Dr. Pribyl, who with his kind and knowledgeable staff, fitted me with an oral appliance. Again, I was not an easy patient to treat, but Dr. Pribyl didn't give up on me and now my apneic scores are low and I am able to sleep well enough to dream again! Something I had not been able to do for years! Bless Dr. Pribyl and his staff for making such a difference in my life!


    I first met Dr Pribyl and his staff in 2008. By the time I made it to him, I had been through months of torture and had given up due to my pain. At one point I even told myself I was going to die, as I was unable to eat or drink anything without my jaw falling out of place, thus losing twenty seven pounds. However my first time meeting Dr Pribyl, I could tell he knew what he was doing and I had hope once again.

    Almost five years later, with certain situations out of mine or Dr Pribyl's hands, I am at a place with my jaw that I believe to be at a 100 percent, if you can ever call my situation one where you can get to that point. I recommend Dr Pribyl's office to everyone I hear of with jaw issues as I know in my experience he is the best at what he does. Everything happens for a reason, and for this I am grateful. His office has always treated me as a person, not an illness. I look forward to my monthly appointments because of the kindness and laughter Dr Pribyl and his staff show. They are truly sincere and make a big impact on the people they care for.