• TMJ-There are no two patients who have a TMJ issue that is identical. What you have and what you need is unique to you. That it is why it is essential the correct diagnosis and the correct assessment be made for you in your situation. This is one thing that separates us from others who treat TMJ issues. We do a thorough evaluation for you and with this information we can customize and design the proper care you deserve. The proper diagnosis is the key to your care.

    We pride ourselves in providing the best care for you. One of the cornerstones for an accurate diagnosis for our patients is our Galileos 3D Cone Beam Scanner.

    This most modern 3D Cone Beam Scanner gives us the ability to see things in your head and neck area we have never seen before.

    We now have the ability to find tumors, bony growth, bone resorption and to visualize many other anatomical relationships. The radiation you get from this state of the art CT machine is absolutely the least when compared to other CT units.

    We are able to get information that has helped us to zero in on the source of your headaches like never before.

    We can now treat headaches, migraines, ear pain, ear congestion, jaw pain and many other TMD symptoms with a higher success rate.

    Example: It would be frustrating for all of us if we take our car to the mechanic, explain to him/her the car starts intermittently. Then to return and discover that the tires were filled with air, and that was it. He/she provided us with a service but was absolutely wrong. This emphasizes the importance of a proper diagnosis.

    WHEN YOU TALK WE LISTEN. You are our most valuable asset. You are not a number to us. You are special and so are your issues and concerns. We give you our word; we will give you our best. YOU DESERVE IT.

    Our goal is to work together with you to resolve your head and/or neck pain. We want to resolve your headaches, your ear pain, your muscle pain and any additional symptoms you may have.

    Designing a better quality of life for you.