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Welcome to The Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea

We are the premier treatment center for headaches and snoring conditions. Your quality of sleep plays a factor in all aspects of your health and wellbeing including our moods and behavior, energy and emotions, marriages, jobs, and our very sanity and happiness. There are over 80 known sleep disorders that occur due to stress, health conditions, and other factors.

At the Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea, we’re here to help you design a better quality of life by providing you with treatment for your TMJ pain, sleep apnea, never-ending snoring or for orthodontics. Our primary focus is to work with you to resolve your problems so you can enjoy life with better overall health.

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Larry D. Priblyl DDS

Dr. Larry Pribyl, D. D. S.

Dr. Larry Pribyl has over 34 years of private practice experience performing quality evaluations for diagnosing and treating TMJ, sleep apnea, and snoring patients. He has hundreds of continuing education hours in post-graduate studies in the treatment of head, neck, and facial pain as well as dental sleep medicine. He has also achieved a Masters of Excellence in TMD to further commit himself to resolve pain issues and helping patients sleep better. Dr. Pribyl’s highest priority is improving the lives and health of his patients.


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TMJ Treatment
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Sleep Apnea

Evaluate Your Sleep and TMJ Symptoms

Take the Epworth Sleepiness Scale or the TMJ Pain Scale quizzes below to receive an evaluation of symptoms and to learn if you suffer from sleep apnea or TMJ.

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale
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Our TMJ Assessment
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Endless Options to Improve Your Smile

We offer orthodontic treatments for every smile! Younger children can benefit from our holistic orthodontic options to correct tongue posture, improve nasal breathing, and ensure proper facial growth and development to occur. Holistic orthodontics can also prevent crooked teeth, create a larger airway, and help patients achieve a healthier TMJ. We also offer traditional braces and Invisalign to treat our adult patients.

We recommend children start receiving orthodontic consultations by age 4 to 5. During this time we can recommend a holistic orthodontic treatment to intervene in problems before they progress further.
Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pribyl to receive an evaluation and to discuss our different treatment options. Dr. Pribyl will recommend the best one for your personal needs.
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Transforming Dental Appointments with Laser Dentistry

At The Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea, we invest in the latest dental technology to provide our patients with a more accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatments. One of our most prized pieces of dental technology is the Lightwalker Fotona Laser. We use this dental laser for dozens of procedures! We also have a CO2 Lightscapel Laser that we typically use for procedures such as frenectomies.

Dental lasers allow us to cut more precisely, reduce the risk of infections, and provide less discomfort to patients. They also reduce bleeding and help expedite the healing process.
Fotona is a company committed to providing the highest performance best made dental laser systems in the world. We use our Fotona laser for infinite general dentistry procedures, head, neck and facial pain reduction, to normalize nerve function and so much more. The Lightwalker Fotona dental laser is a crucial asset to all of our treatment plans.
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Fotona Laser from Dentist Dr. Jim Kleoppel Lee's Summit dental office

Fotona Laser

Patient Testimonials

I recommend Dr. Pribyl to anyone who suffers from TMJ and/or sleep apnea. He is compassionate and skilled, and his staff is top-notch.


The most caring staff! Dr Pribyl is the best oral care provider we’ve ever met! He treated our teen for TMJ & immediately we were put at ease and knew we finally landed in the right place to help her begin to heal!


Dr Pribyl takes care of my tmj. I am so grateful for him & his entire office. He has corrected my migraine headaches & my sleep apnea.

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