Pharyngometer / Rhinometer machine, technology for sleep apnea treatment

Pharyngometer / Rhinometer

During snoring and sleep apnea assessments, we utilize the pharyngometer and rhinometer to measure the airway volume accurately. These instruments use acoustic reflection technology, akin to sonar, to map out the oral and nasal airway dimensions. Emitting sound waves that bounce back provides a visual representation of the airway, which is crucial for identifying any obstructions or narrowing contributing to snoring or sleep apnea. The data collected guides us in selecting and crafting the most effective appliance for treatment.

  • Usage: Essential for diagnosing sleep apnea and snoring issues.
  • Benefits: Accurate, non-invasive, and immediate results are essential for customizing treatment plans.

Galileos CT Scanner, technology for TMJ treatment

Galileos CT Scanner

Our Cone Beam CT x-ray scan is a state-of-the-art dental technology that helps us access TMJ and upper airway issues. The scan allows us to view the nasal septum, nasal airway, sinuses, oral airway, cervical spine position, and TMJ position. With this information, we can access and understand the anatomical relationships in the neck and head area, resulting in an accurate and timely diagnosis for your treatment.

  • Usage: In-depth imaging for TMJ, sinus, and airway assessment.
  • Benefits: Accurate diagnosis, better treatment planning, and lower radiation exposure than traditional CT.

K-7 Technology for TMJ treatment

K-7 Technology

Our K-7 is one of our most important technologies for TMJ treatment—the K-7 records jaw joint sounds, movements, and muscle activity. The information allows us to more accurately diagnose TMJ by helping us differentiate between pain issues centered in the TMJ and muscle-based pain issues.

It also allows us to address the neuromuscular components of a patient’s pain by showing us where facial structure imbalances occur. This information will enable us to custom-make neuromuscular orthotics to provide the best care and treatment possible. Our patients achieve better, faster, and more stable results due to the neuromuscular dentistry we provide.

  • Usage: Essential for TMJ diagnosis and treatment.
  • Benefits: Accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment planning, and treatment progress tracking.

woman getting laser therapy done on her neck, technology to help with TMJ treatment

Low-Level Laser Therapy

All our patients suffering from head or neck pain can benefit from low-level laser therapy. The laser promotes healing deep within the tissue with a non-invasive, quick, and pain-free treatment. It also helps reduce inflammation in our TMJ patients.

  • Usage: Alleviating head or neck pain, promoting tissue healing.
  • Benefits: Non-invasive, quick, pain-free, and anti-inflammatory, especially beneficial for TMJ patients.

TENS Unit and ETPS Therapy, technology for treatment of TMJ

TENS Unit and ETPS Therapy

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units effectively alleviate TMJ pain by delivering tiny electrical impulses, which reduce the body’s ability to transmit pain signals and stimulate endorphin production. Our patients have reported substantial pain reduction using this therapy.

Electrical Twitch-Obtaining Stimulation (ETPS) therapy is another technology used to alleviate TMJ pain, similar to TENS units, by delivering electrical impulses to targeted areas.

  • Usage: Pain management for TMJ and muscle tension.
  • Benefits: Non-invasive pain relief, natural endorphin stimulation, and potential for long-term pain reduction.

itero machine screen, technology for orthodontic appliances


Discover the latest in dental technology with our advanced digital impression system. Say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional molds. Our state-of-the-art iTero device captures detailed images of your teeth quickly and comfortably, ensuring your aligners fit perfectly. This innovative approach enhances accuracy and speeds up the entire process, getting you to your ideal smile faster. Experience the difference with precise, hassle-free digital impressions, revolutionizing your dental journey.

  • Usage: Creating precise digital impressions for orthodontic appliances.
  • Benefits: Quick, accurate, and comfortable impressions, accelerating the treatment process.

t-scan machine, for TMJ and orthodontic care.


Embrace cutting-edge technology with our digital T-Scan system for bite analysis. By precisely measuring bite force, T-Scan aids in identifying imbalances, preventing complications with TMJ and orthodontic treatments. Experience a tailor-made dental care journey as T-Scan guides adjustments for optimal comfort and effectiveness. Benefits include detailed bite force data, ensuring a harmonious bite for long-term oral health. Call today for a high-tech dental experience that prioritizes your comfort and results.

  • Usage: Assessing bite force and timing is crucial for TMJ and orthodontic care.
  • Benefits: Precise bite analysis, enhancing treatment planning and outcome.

fotona lightwalker machine, technology for frenectomies

Fotona Lightwalker

Our dental laser, the Fotona Lightwalker, allows Dr. Pribyl to perform procedures like a frenectomy with precision and efficiency. The dental laser uses state-of-the-art design and delivers a better experience for patients. Laser dentistry reduces bleeding, prevents the need for stitches or sutures, offers a quiet procedure, increases recovery speed, and requires less anesthesia for pain management.

  • Usage: Performing dental procedures like frenectomies.
  • Benefits: Precision, reduced bleeding, quicker recovery, less need for anesthesia.

illustration of an obstructed airway


The Nightlase treatment is a minimally invasive option for reducing snoring by tightening the soft palate. The Nightlase treatment employs a Fotona Lightwalker laser, specifically an erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Er: YAG) laser, to gently heat and cause minor injuries to the soft palate. As the soft palate heals, the tissue tightens, significantly reducing or eliminating snoring and enhancing sleep quality.

It usually requires three 20-minute sessions spread over three months, offering almost immediate relief from snoring. Studies have shown varying satisfaction levels, with an 85% reduction in snoring reported in one study and overall satisfaction rates ranging from 65% to 85% in others. The effects of Nightlase could last for a year or more post-treatment.

  • Usage: Reducing snoring by tightening the soft palate.
  • Benefits: Minimally invasive, significant snoring reduction, improved sleep quality, potentially long-lasting effects with a simple, quick treatment protocol.

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