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The Link Between Tongue Tie and Cavities

Often, people think that tongue tie is mostly an issue for breastfeeding babies. However, as we’ve discussed before, tongue tie can affect you in many ways throughout your life. Even as an older adult, it’s never too late to get {{{{link id='50347' text='tongue tie release'}}}}. One of the impacts of tongue tie is that [...]

It’s Never Too Late to Get Tongue Tie Release

At the Center for TMJ & Sleep Apnea in Lee’s Summit, we often educate parents about the benefits of getting a frenectomy (tongue tie release) for their children. However, it’s not just children that benefit from a frenectomy. If you have tongue tie as an adult, you can still benefit from getting [...]

6 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From a Frenectomy

Although “frenectomy” sounds like a serious procedure, it really isn’t. It’s actually a very simple procedure that nearly 5% of newborns require for a higher quality of life. A frenectomy becomes necessary when a baby is born with what is known as a tongue-tie, or tethered oral tissue. The frenulum is the small piece [...]

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