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Oral Appliance Therapy

When Can You Expect Results From Oral Appliance Therapy?

If you are considering oral appliance therapy for your sleep apnea, you might be wondering how long it might take to get the results you want to start enjoying deep, restful sleep. It’s understandable. You’ve been suffering from poor sleep for years. Now that you know what it’s [...]

Traveling with an Oral Appliance Is Easy

If you are looking forward to getting out and traveling this summer, now is the time to be planning your trips. For those with sleep apnea, that means planning how to treat sleep apnea while you travel. If you like to travel, you should consider {{{{link id='50345' text='oral appliance therapy' esc_html='false'}}}}. [...]

Benefits of Oral Sleep Appliances You Haven’t Considered

If you have sleep apnea, you’ve likely already explored the amazing benefits of oral appliance therapy. One of the biggest appeals is how comfortable they are in comparison to CPAP. However, there are a few benefits that most patients forget to consider. If you’re thinking of opting for oral appliance therapy to [...]

Is a CPAP Alternative Right For Me?

If you’ve only used CPAP to manage your sleep apnea, you might not know about the CPAP alternatives available. Whether you’re unhappy with your CPAP or not, it doesn’t hurt to see what other treatment options are available for your condition. Learn more about our CPAP alternatives at the Center for TMJ [...]

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