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Nightlase: An Effective Way to Reduce Snoring

Snoring is common, but it can be problematic. Snoring makes sleeping hard for people in the same bed, room, or even house. It can also be a health problem. Of course, snoring is commonly linked to {{{{link id='50343' text='sleep apnea' esc_html='false'}}}}. But even if a person has simple snoring without sleep apnea, [...]

Waiting on CPAP? Consider Oral Appliance Therapy

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) can be a highly effective treatment for sleep apnea. However, it’s not for everyone. Right now, even the people who adapt well to CPAP are having trouble with the treatment because of a nationwide shortage of CPAP machines. Worse, many people are unable to start CPAP [...]

When Should You Be Concerned About a Headache?

Have you ever experienced a headache that felt like some of the worst pain you’ve ever experienced? Or perhaps you experience a headache almost every day of the week. Whatever situation you might have experienced, you may have wondered when you should be concerned about a headache. Should you visit the ER? [...]

Why Do I Snore When I Drink Alcohol?

It doesn’t matter if you have one drop of alcohol or several glasses. The tiniest amount can impact your sleep and cause you to snore at night. If you find yourself snoring every time you drink alcohol, it’s no coincidence. There is a reason why this happens. Before you indulge in your daily glass [...]

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