Ozone Therapy for TMJ Treatment

Ozone is an activated form of oxygen. In a stable form, most oxygen molecules only have two oxygen atoms. Ozone is different because it contains three oxygen atoms. The extra atom makes the molecule unstable which makes it want to react with other molecules around it including organic molecules like oral bacteria. Ozone works well for sterilization for invasive treatments. Since Ozone is a gas, it can reach areas that you can’t see.

At our dental office, we use Ozone in Ozone Therapy for TMJ treatment. Ozone therapy is an injection of an anesthetic coupled with homeopathic anti-inflammatory followed by an injection of ozonized gas into a localized area. The anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications are administered before the ozonized gas for the patient’s comfort and to aid in the decrease of inflammation and infection. These injections can promote cell re-growth. In some instances, a patient can obtain the best results from a series of these injections.

Our patients experience many benefits with Ozone therapy. We use it as an alternative treatment to activate the immune system. Not only will its antibacterial compound help fight infection and inflammation but it also aids in the regeneration of both cartilage disks and condyle bone in the temporomandibular joint. We also offer other modalities such as ear and nasal insufflation with Ozone therapy.

If your temporomandibular joint area has bacteria and is inflamed, it can cause additional pain and instability. Using Ozone therapy can jump-start your TMJ treatment and help you get back to feeling like yourself even faster.

Head, Neck and Facial Pain Photobiostimulation Therapy  

This therapy is a non-touch therapy using non-ionizing coherent light and energy to penetrate the tissue (a patient will experience a comforting feeling of warmth). Some of the goals of this therapy are to reduce the restrictions in the fascial tissues and muscles to increase the blood flow and decrease pain. This laser therapy can also increase cellular activity to support healing and stimulate healthy neurological function.

Stop living in pain and make an appointment to start treating your TMJ pain today. Dr. Larry Pribyl is ready to design a better quality of life for you; all you need to do is schedule an appointment to get started. Find out if Ozone therapy or photobiostimulation therapy is right for you. Give us a call at (816) 795-1000 to request a TMJ consultation.