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Why You Shouldn’t Just Sleep Apart from a Snoring Partner

We all know that a partner’s snoring is one of the hardest things to adapt to when sharing a bed with someone. Their snoring can potentially rob you of significant amounts of sleep to the point that you think the best solution is sleeping apart. However, a new study shows many [...]

Traveling with an Oral Appliance Is Easy

If you are looking forward to getting out and traveling this summer, now is the time to be planning your trips. For those with sleep apnea, that means planning how to treat sleep apnea while you travel. If you like to travel, you should consider {{{{link id='50345' text='oral appliance therapy' esc_html='false'}}}}. [...]

Nightlase: An Effective Way to Reduce Snoring

Snoring is common, but it can be problematic. Snoring makes sleeping hard for people in the same bed, room, or even house. It can also be a health problem. Of course, snoring is commonly linked to {{{{link id='50343' text='sleep apnea' esc_html='false'}}}}. But even if a person has simple snoring without sleep apnea, [...]

The 11 Most Common Causes of Snoring

Cartoons and movies might make snoring look funny, but it’s actually a serious condition. Not only can it affect your quality of sleep and the quality of sleep of anyone who is in the same room as you, but it can also lead to health complications. So what exactly is {{{{link id='464' text='snoring' esc_html='false'}}}}? [...]

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Why Do I Snore When I Drink Alcohol?

It doesn’t matter if you have one drop of alcohol or several glasses. The tiniest amount can impact your sleep and cause you to snore at night. If you find yourself snoring every time you drink alcohol, it’s no coincidence. There is a reason why this happens. Before you indulge in your daily glass [...]

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