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Giant Cell Arteritis vs. TMJ: What Are the Symptoms, and When to Talk to Your Doctor

Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is a vascular condition with many symptoms in common with temporomandibular joint disorders (called TMJ or TMD). While TMJ can have serious complications, those of GCA can be even worse. GCA can result in sudden blindness, stroke, and even sudden death. Sometimes GCA is misdiagnosed as TMJ, [...]

TMJ Exercises: Why, How, and When to Do Them

You might not need professional care if you suffer from the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (called either TMJ or TMD). In fact, most cases of TMJ resolve on their own without professional treatment. When you first notice TMJ symptoms, it’s not a bad idea to try home care. Among the home [...]

By |July 20th, 2022|TMJ|

TMJ Treatment Options in Lee’s Summit

Temporomandibular joint disorders (called TMJ or TMD) are very diverse. There are at least three recognized types of TMJ (myofascial pain disorder, MPD; disc displacement (DD), and degenerative joint disorder, DJD). People can have one, two, or all three of these types of TMJ, plus other forms that might not be officially [...]

By |March 28th, 2022|TMJ|

Is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Helpful for TMJ?

Anti-inflammatory diets have been one of the most recommended diets for patients suffering from conditions that cause high amounts of inflammation. Some of these include inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, psoriasis, and more. Another condition that causes high levels of inflammation is TMJ disorder. {{{{link id='458' text='TMJ disorders'}}}} can cause inflammation in the [...]

By |August 11th, 2021|TMJ|
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